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Maddy Murphy

Teaching Artist


About Me

I have over ten years of experience teaching voice, choreography, and acting to students ranging from early childhood to the collegiate level. After graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a B.A. in Musical Theatre, I also went on to receive all 12 ECE units required of an early childhood teacher. I was the first student at my theatre school (Broadway Training Center of New York) to be offered a teaching position post-grad, after years of service there with students over the summer. I've run drama programs at day camps, directed and assisted with full-scale productions, and have taught music and voice classes to students of varying ages. I now live in Burbank, CA and enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion with students as I continue to perform myself.

About Me
Teacher Playing Piano

Private Voice Lessons (K-8)

30 minute lessons, which include teaching warm-ups to help strengthen the voice and diaphragm and working on ways to optimize vocal range. Will also provide music to student that best suits their vocal goals and helps them feel confident in their voice. Additionally, will work with student on interpretation of the music through theatricality, acting, and performance.

Performing Art Class

Acting Coaching

(All Ages)

Can book privately (30 minute coaching) or with a group* (1 hour coaching). Will teach diction as well as physical exercises to help student(s) warm up. Will work on monologues, scene study, and even audition prep if needed. Ultimately, will help actor find the tools needed not only to interpret a work, but to present it in a way that is clear, emotionally connected, and confident.

*minimum of 6 students



Please contact me for pricing. Pricing may vary depending on the distance of your home or chosen venue from my own location (remote training available).

Payment is required upfront. Rescheduling is allowed, but newly scheduled lesson must be within one month of the lesson that has been rescheduled.

Contact Me

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